Technically, “pentapedal” means five-legged.
But really, it’s all about giving YOU a leg up.

The Red Kangaroo is considered the world’s only true pentapedal animal, using its tail as a ‘fifth leg’ to propel itself forward, giving it a major boost.

We like to think of ourselves this way. When you partner with Pentapedal, you get the ingenuity, efficiency and support you need to propel forward.

We work seamlessly with your internal teams, all the way through the finish line. There’s no “client” and “agency.” It’s “us.” Together, we’ll push your project to the next level.

Making lives easier
(and events awesomer) since 2010.

To us, your event is not just any event. Your website is not just any website. We aim to create lasting partnerships, and we truly want to make your project—your events—successful.
We offer a full range of services, from custom brand experiences to virtual and hybrid events, and even enterprise solutions with security and CRM integration.
Our full suite of customizable products will kick your events and experiences using the event management solution into high gear. Whether you need lightning-fast check in, ticket scanning or a way to keep attendees engaged, we’ve got an app for that.
We truly are your one-stop shop, and we can’t wait to work with you!

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