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Make check-in
a breeze

Arm your brand ambassadors with a scanning app that gets thousands of attendees through the door in the blink of an eye.
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Boomerang Features
Continuous scanning
Check in thousands of attendees quickly & easily. Boomerang scans each mobile ticket, credential or access pass in a fraction of second.
Apple Pay and Google Wallet integrations
Attendees can keep their tickets all in one place using Apple Pay and Google Wallet, creating a more secure and streamlined experience than ever before!
Secure attendee data
Arm your brand ambassadors with the only tools they need: mobile phones + Boomerang. The app only provides access to limited information, so attendee data is always secure.
Self check-in option
Let attendees check themselves in using Boomerang-loaded tablets, and eliminate the need for check-in staff.
Fraud detection
Each user is assigned a unique code during registration, so you never have to worry about duplicates or fraud. Boomerang will alert you if a ticket has already been scanned.
Multi-device sync
Every device will always be up-to date with the most recent attendee data and check-in history.
Keep online sales open
Data from new ticket sales is instantly sent to on-site ticket scanners within seconds of being purchased, meaning you never need to close online sales.
Multiple check-in points
Boomerang makes it easy to manage crowd flows at all entrances, check-in points and sessions at your event. Simply choose a location or activity from a dropdown to switch between various check-in points.
On-site support
We’re here to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible. Before your event, our experienced staff can analyze your location to determine the best equipment for your needs. We can also provide staff and on-site support, so you can focus on your event.