Virtual/Hybrid Events.
To Learn. To Grow.
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is more than a webinar platform.
It combines a wide range of features for holding
online meetings, events, training sessions and
interactive presentations.
Unlike many other platforms, Envlor Live offers an option for a hybrid mix of pre-recorded videos, presentations, live streaming content and customizable website layouts.
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From the registration form to a landing page, you’ll have the ability to choose your own template and customize it.
On the day of your livestream, your landing page will contain all your live event features.
Why Envlor LIVE?
The Envlor LIVE difference:
Choose and edit your layout - add
content, upload your logo and images,
use your brand colors and so much
more. Everything is mobile responsive.
Just point, click and voila!
Powerful emails & invitations,
built into every event.
Each event you host allows you to
create beautiful emails designed to
convert your invitees to registrants.
Upload your list, create your message
and design, send out your invites.
Make it interactive!
Invite attendees to participate with
integrated engagement features.
chat icon
Public & Private
Green Room
qna icon
with Upvoting, Answering &
polling icon
with live results
Full control over what the
audience can do and see
Audience Permissions
  • Show Chat
  • Show Q&A
  • Show Polls
  • Show Presentations
  • Download Documents
Capture registrations
& payments
Your event landing pages feature
customizable registration forms for
lead generation and payment
processing to monetize paid events.
Powerful analytics: track,
measure & optimize everything
Analytics are available on your event
dashboard and available for
download in the reports section,
including: Attended, Engagement,
Q&A and Poll Results.
Simple, cost-effective pricing, with options for everyone.
One platform.
Endless possibilities.
Envlor LIVE makes virtual/hybrid
event management easy!
Everything you need to start your live event streaming.
  • Up to 2 events per month
    (events must be at different times)
  • Up to 6 hours of live streaming
  • 2 hosts
  • Unlimited speakers
  • 1 Envlor Live stream
    (Up to 9 of your own streams)
  • 5 team members
    (Green Room access)
  • Up to 10,000 Attendees
Have more than 2 events per month? Need additional streaming hours?
This plan is value for money.
  • Up to 5 events per month
    (2 simultaneous events allowed)
  • Up to 12 hours of live streaming
  • 5 hosts
  • Unlimited speakers
  • 2 Envlor Live streams
    (Up to 9 of your own streams)
  • 10 team members
    (Green Room access)
  • Up to 20,000 Attendees
Have an event that showcases multiple sessions at the same time? This plan is made for you.
  • Up to 10 events per month
    (4 simultaneous events allowed)
  • Up to 36 hours of live streaming
  • 10 hosts
  • Unlimited speakers
  • 3 Envlor Live streams
    (Up to 9 of your own streams)
  • 20 team members
    (Green Room access)
  • Up to 40,000 Attendees
Custom Pricing
Propel your events forward with Envlor Live’s easy-to-use platform customized with your branding. Fully automated to Give You a Leg Up!
  • Unlimited events to make setting up multiple events much more efficient! (2 simultaneous events allowed)
  • Customize your streaming hours
  • Unlimited hosts (1 per event)
  • Unlimited speakers
  • Starting with 3 dedicated streaming channels. 
  • Up to 10 team members (total per event).
    Includes green room access
  • Unlimited Attendees
Set Your Pricing
It’s like we’re invisible. All reseller plans are pre-built, and you can set your pricing. Fully customizable with your name baked right in.
  • Create unlimited customer accounts.
  • Streaming hours are based on plan options
  • Number of hosts based on plan options
  • Unlimited speakers
  • Starting with 12 dedicated streaming channels.
  • Team members are based on plan options
  • Attendees are based on plan options
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All of our plans include
user icon
1 moderator per event (ability to switch moderators to team members)
video icon solid
Insert pre-recorded videos
payment icon
Payment gateway integration
analytics icon
Engage: chat, Q&A, polls and documents
template icon
Registration & event page templates
user group icon
Live streaming with green room: ability for team members & moderator to chat and see speakers
video icon
Multiple speakers (up to 9 cameras), utilizing your own streams.
vip icon
Domain Names: use your own domain names or use one of our custom names
chat icon
Fast & friendly support
access control icon
Security: SSL-encrypted URLs and you can choose whether your event is open to everyone or password-protected
calendar icon
Add to calendar feature
email icon
Powerful emails & invitations, built into every event.
presentation icon
Upload presentation slides
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Additional add-on features
Need additional features? You can choose to add these additional
menu options at any time during your event set up.
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Need pricing for additional Envlor Live streams for a one-time event? Please, contact us.
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Live event support

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