Virtual and
hybrid event

You had an amazing event planned this season, and then the COVID-19 pandemic turned your event team’s world upside down. Now you’re left wondering, do we postpone? For how long? Should we just cancel?

Don’t cancel—pivot.

Keep your audience engaged—wherever they are—with our powerful,
reliable virtual and hybrid solutions.

Start here:

What’s your goal?

I have a large, eager audience
that I want to keep engaged.

Live Stream
  • For HUGE audiences (virtually unlimited)
  • Think sports pay-per-view, a big fight, etc.
  • Combine live video and ad content into one continuous stream
  • Highest ad revenue opportunities
  • Pay-per-view or inbound marketing

I want to build a
new audience.

  • For REGISTERED audiences (up to 10,000)
  • Drive engagement
  • Registered attendees = warm leads
  • Live interactions – polls, Q&A and chat

I have an invite-only
VIP event.

Private Virtual Meeting
  • For EXCLUSIVE, invite-only audiences (up to 200)
  • Intimate and focused
  • Partial or full interaction (polls, Q&A and chat), sound and video
  • Best for “being there”

One stop
for all

Because it’s not just any event.

We aim to create lasting partnerships.
To us, your event is not just any event.
Your website is not just any website.

When you partner with Pentapedal, you get the ingenuity,
efficiency and support you need to propel your event forward.

How we make it happen.

From digital strategy to on-site support, we’ve got you covered.

We Listen.


We lend an ear—actually, two (or more)—and ask all the important questions. Where you’ve been, where you currently are, and where you want to go—taking all of your unique wants and needs into account.


From there, we determine exactly how we can help. Travel/hotel integration, payment processing, live appointment scheduling… there is no one-size-fits-all. We look at each project with fresh eyes, seeking out ways to make it even better.

We Do Our Thing.


(UI, UX, graphic design,
print design, copywriting)

to ensure your entire user experience
looks high-end, on-brand and on-trend.
(No templates for as far as
the eye can see.)


To make it functional, secure and seamless by integrating with our custom backend, Envlor.

Video Production

To really bring your experience to life.*

*Partnership with Miceli Productions, LLC
with over 18+ years of industry experience.

*Partnership with Miceli Productions, LLC
with over 18+ years of industry experience.

Project management

To keep things on track.

Account management

To keep you in the loop & answer any questions along the way.

Quality Assurance

To double (and triple) check that
we’ve got it right.

We Support.

Live Streaming

The next-best thing to being
there in person.

Mobile Tickets

The easiest way to get people
through the door.

Check In App

Check in attendees faster than
you can say “BoomerangPlus”.

Event App

Keep attendees up-to-date on the
latest and greatest.

On-site support

Your day-of superheroes, ready to make
sure everything goes smoothly.


Whether they’re printed pre-event or
on-demand, your custom-designed
badges allow for access control while
elevating your branding.

CMS Editing

Last-minute agenda changes?
No problem! Your team can make
edits on the fly.

We Follow Through.

Post-event surveys

Hear first-hand from attendees on what
they feel worked and what didn’t.


Gather and analyze spreadsheets
to your heart’s content.

Attendee Summary

Recap which attendees checked in.

Just because your event’s over, doesn’t mean
we’re through with you. We want to keep this
relationship going for years to come.